DOLLTRX is a cloud mining service that allow users to mine TRX



Achieving Financial Freedom

Complete 10 20000 TRX !


DOLLTRX is an open source non-custodial liquidity protocol and liquidity security protocol for earning investment interest, DOLLTRX is based on the TRX currency market, providing a potentially cost-effective mining Mining method. At the same time, whether it is quantitative trading or DeFi technology, you can easily participate in blockchain transactions with a small amount of funds, and obtain safe, stable and high returns.

Cloud Mining

Let us make money for you. 

Cloud miners are a mechanism for renting cloud computing power (physical servers) without installing hardware or software to mine TRX. Cloud miners do not require miners to purchase and operate mining machines, they only need to deposit their own funds, and then the platform Automatically help you to participate in mining, and the income will be deposited into your account every day for withdrawal. 


DOLLTRX has obtained the license issued by the Secretary of State of Colorado in the United States. And the operating license and MSB business license issued by the United States cryptocurrency agency. Complete qualifications to ensure the safety of your property!

Invite friends to register to join the DOLLTRX platform and get up to 10% commission reward.


Get a 10% commission reward on the deposit amount


Get a 7% commission reward of the deposit amount


Get a commission reward of 3% of the deposit amount


You are a first-level user, and the new user you invite deposits 10000TRX, and you can get 1000TRX commission reward 



TRX can be used in By log in to Binance, click to trade, click to exchange USDT to TRX, then click to spot, click to withdraw to search for TRX transfer.

Top Comment


TRX@BowTiedNileCroc • Mar 14

I’m a bit shocked by the fact that I @DOLL a monthly income equivalent to about 6-7 rental properties per monthNo risk, no hassle, no maintenance fees, no property taxes, problematic tenants, and it’s all automated. Feels comfortable 

Jesse Pinkman

Jesse Pinkman@Jessepk Mar 09

I went all-in in late December… it’s been a great ride so far. Now I feel the same way, like I might actually see financial freedom. Love it” Retire early and live by investing in “freedom. 

Benefit Description

The More Investment, the Higher the Return

  1. Invest 5TRX to 9999TRX, with a daily return of 5%
  2. Accumulated 10000TRX to 99999TRX, daily income 6%
  3. Accumulated 100000TRX to 499999TRX, with a daily return of 7%.
  4. Accumulated 500000TRX to 999999TRX, with a daily return of 8%.
  5. Accumulated 1000000TRX to 99999999TRX, with a daily retum of 10%.

DOLLTRX Credit Guarantee

The deposit is valid for life. The more you invest, the higher the return (a stable income in the long run). 

No action is required until the TRX recharge is completed. You will be automatically charged every 24 hours To the proceeds. The proceeds are settled at 24:00 in Singapore.

Our Team



Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer


Paul Brook

Co-Founder & Chief Product Officer


Brian Armstrong

EVP of Engineering


Abzal Mynbaev

Chief Financial Officer